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Guest experience

Make sure that your guests have an unforgettable stay. Give them a Z-Hotelcard® at check-in with all the information they will need to ensure they leave with great memories.


Increase sales

Give your guests a reason to spend more time, and money, in your hotel during their stay. Promote your facilities with a




Instead of advertising spend on developing new business, develop loyal customers who will return and recommend your hotel to friends and family.

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Facilities Guide.
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A Z-Hotelcard® is not only a practical solution for guests but has proven to have fantastic ROI, as they carry it on-person for the duration of their stay.

Giving your guests a high quality, tactile way to engage with your brand means they will remember and recommend you to friends and family.

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Z-Hotelcard® is an all-in-one marketing tool that gives your guests all the information they might need during their stay, from the moment they check-in and have their first interaction with hotel staff.

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Maps are a tried and tested way to add value to your guests’ stay. We can create the perfect map solution for your Z-Hotelcard®, leaving you to focus on developing the rest of the content!

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We have unequalled experience in providing printed hospitality tools for the hotel industry – from global five star chains to boutique hotels. So whatever your requirements, we will have the solution for you!

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We have a highly experienced sales team ready to discuss your Z-Hotelcard® needs and work with you to find the best solution. Get in touch today or fill out our samples request form to receive some inspiration!

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